Add the OK back into PRO

02-26-2020 05:44 AM
Status: Open
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I know this might be a smallish complaint but I miss having the OK button on any of the Property or Symology or Layer window popups. Why are the buttons in Pro greyed out making you have to click on the "X" to close the window. If you don't want to add it back in then at least don't grey out the Cancel button on the bottom.


What dialog is your Desktop.jpg showing?  Were you working on symbology in the layer properties?

If the request is to add an OK button just to close a Pane, I'm not sure how much traction that will gain.  As you show in the Pro.jpg, the X is used to close an individual pane.

You can also use Reset Panes which makes it really quick to get out of a state where you might have many panes stacked: 

There is an existing idea about adding an Apply button to map properties (could be extrapolated to layer properties as the underlying concept is the same - make a change, Apply to see the change without having to close the modal dialog...)


That is the Layer Properties windows I'm showing in my screenshot of desktop. and that's not the same thing. and i don't want to stack my panes because I can't read them and have to reset them? I want it to be more efficient and less about moving my mouse up and down the screen just to close a window. For me it's easier to click a button then to slide up and try to hit an "X".  Thanks for sharing.


Not wanting to travel all the way to the top of the pane to close it is valid - and the idea is open for voting.

One thing that might help, while you're at the bottom of the pane, right-clicking will give you the Close option.