Add the functionality to auto refresh the edits made to the features in a SDE using GUI.

09-24-2021 12:24 PM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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When working with editing features that are stored in an SDE Database, the edits do not show up without manually refreshing the SDE Connection.

To simplify this if we create a script tool in ArcGIS Pro that can edit parcel information, and once the tool is executed a manual refresh has to be made for the edits to show up on the map.

We can easily use the python script and use the update connection function to achieve the results, but this does not work when using a script tool through GUI.

Allow ArcGIS Pro to support auto-refresh SDE connection through GUI.

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I have struggled with this for years and pled my case to devs and account managers since pre 2.5, but still no change. This is especially frustrating when performing dev work or troubleshooting on applications and needing to see edits on the egdb in real time to test functionality.

What's even more frustrating is that there's a refresh button on the attribute table and a refresh command in the right-click menu at every level of an egdb directory structure (feature/table, dataset, egdb)...and none of them actually refresh the database connection. I could see maybe the attribute table button not refreshing the connection, and to a lesser degree, maybe not if I right-click the feature or dataset, but if I am right-clicking the egdb, why not refresh everything, including the connection? What are you refreshing at that level if not the whole database?

If you wont address great the suggestion of @Anonymous User, please consider at least making one of those refresh commands actually refresh the egdb connection. It would save time and hassle.