Add Text Summary Functionality to Spatial Join Tool

08-02-2010 03:02 PM
Status: Open
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Please add some text / "string" data type summary functionality to the Spatial  Join GP tool.  Currently if there are multiple polygons, for example,  that a line segment crosses and you are joining the two spatially, the  only option you have is for numeric fields to be summarized.  I,  personally would like to see an option on the spatial join tool enabled  that would allow a text field or a short integer field, such as a Voting  Precinct number or a Mapbook Index Page ID (ex: A2) to be summarized in  a new text field as a list.  For example:  If you have polygons built  that represent each page of the map-book with a page ID of A1, A2,...  D18, D19..., and you have a road segment that diagnally crosses 3 pages,  you could do a spatial join that would result in a field containing the  value: "A3, A4, B4".  This should be able to be done by adding a set of  options that allow the user to specify:

"Create Text Summarized List Field?" (checkbox)
"Field Name to be created:"
"Maximum allowed field length:"
"Value to input in cells where the list exceeds the allowed field  length:"
"Separator:"  (eg:  ", " or " & ")
"Source Field:"