Add support for pathlib.Path objects to arcpy

04-09-2020 09:20 AM
Status: Open
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pathlib seems to be the preferred method for working with system paths in Python 3. We've started using it in place of `os.path` in our office recently and really like it. However, we've run into problems with using it with arcpy. For example:

workspace = pathlib.Path('C:\some path') \ 'anotherfolder' \ 'connection.sde'
with arcpy.EnvManager(workspace=workspace):

Throws this error: "RuntimeError: Object: Error in accessing environment <workspace>"

To work around this, we end up wrapping all of our Path object with str(). For example:

workspace = str(pathlib.Path('C:\some path') \ 'anotherfolder' \ 'connection.sde')
with arcpy.EnvManager(workspace=workspace):

It would be great if arcpy (Pro version) handled these Path objects natively!

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This would be much appreciated. Going into Python 3 we want to make good use of the new stuff like Pathlib and f-strings.