Add "incorrect license" to possible reasons for Error 000205

10-04-2020 09:49 AM
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The help page for Error 000205 (Failed to create topology) states two possible causes, not including the one that took me several hours to figure out.  Please add the possibility that the user could be using a license that does not include creating topologies.

Interestingly, it let me go through the Topology Wizard, setting rules, etc., but returned an error on "Finish". The error was resolved when I finally logged out of my work Esri account (in Pro) and logged in with my school account. (A side effect of working from home and using the same computer for both.)


Hi Cynthia Roush‌.  Thank you for submitting this idea!

I wanted to make sure that you were aware of how to leave feedback that is directly related to a help topic.  If we go to 000205: Failed to create topology.—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation we'll see that there is a 'Feedback on this topic?' link in the lower right-hand corner.  All documentation pages have this link and it is the most direct way to get feedback that is specific to that documentation to the person who maintains it.  No need for you to do anything else on this one (I've done it) but just as a helpful tip for the future.

As for being able to open and work through the create topology wizard in the first place, it looks like that is grayed out when working with a Basic license in the Pro 2.7 build I'm working with.  So in the next version of Pro, at least you won't be able to spend time there only to find out you don't have the correct license level to complete the process.

Thanks again for the feedback. We'll make sure that the right team gets it.


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Thank you for the idea!

As of ArcGIS Pro 3.0, users with basic license levels are not able access the create topology wizard.  Attempting to do so will result in a descriptive error of "Tool not licensed".

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