Add 'File Size' and 'Date Modified' to arcpy.Describe featureclass properties

05-21-2013 07:27 AM
Status: Open
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It would be really nice to be able to return the 'File Size' and 'Date Modified' properties of a feature class through the arcpy.describe function. This would be really helpful in helping to ensure that users are current with their datasets.

something like:

importarcpy# Create a Describe object from the feature class#desc=arcpy.Describe("C:/data/arch.dgn/Point")# Print some feature class properties#print"File Size: "+desc.fileSizeprint"Date Modified : "+desc.dateModifiedprint"Read/Write: "+ desc.permissions
FYI, there is a geonet thread related to this topic. It can be accomplished using some ArcObjects integration with Python, but it would be wonderful if this idea were promoted and the functionality included in a future release of the software,

After 4.5 years the answer from ESRI is....Meh. 


This would add so much functionally with python scripting.  You can see If a feature class has changed file size, you can see any feature classes that have been updated in the last week, you can set up a check to see if there were any major changes in file size in the last week,  you can make a check to see if the feature class was updated the same day, then run the script if it was or return a  reminder to update the FC if it wasn't. Check to see if any FC's in a GDB has been updated in the last week and update all associated MXDs to services based on what was changed...

Sadly, after waiting for so long, I don't think ESRI's interested in adding that functionality.  So I'll be sticking with shape files if I ever want the convenience of that kind of file metadata.


Phil Larkin‌, make that 6.5 years!  I will leave a note to my kid to check back when he is grown up because I think this request will outlive me.