Add equivalent classes to ArcObject interfaces (IMapTopology, ITopologyGraph, ITopologyEdge, ITopologyNode) in ArcGis Pro Sdk.

12-14-2017 08:24 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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In ArcObject, there are multiple interfaces (IMapTopology, ITopologyGraph, ITopologyEdge, ITopologyNode) for on-the-fly topology processing but there is no equivalent in ArcGis Pro SDK.


This functionality is necessary to perform shared edits (the equivalent of a map topology shared edit), but in an automated way behind the scenes for bulk updating for example. So if a polygon vertex is moved then corresponding lines and points that are spatially coincident are also moved.  There can be any number of spatially coincident feature classes that might need to be automatically moved. 

It would be very beneficial to us to have this functionality in the ArcGIS Pro SDK.   


Jefferson County, Colorado makes heavy use of the ITopology* interfaces through a VS C#/.Net solution built using the ArcObjects SDK that is our  Address Street Political (ASP) Tools, an extension to ArcGIS Desktop.  Originally developed for ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1, it has been ported to what is currently 10.5.1 production.  In 2019, we're slated to make some data and tool enhancements to the application including a port to 10.6.1- the final version for Desktop.

In 2020, our plan is to re-write the functionality on the new ArcGIS Pro technology stack- but we require IMapTopology, ITopologyGraph, ITopologyEdge and ITopologyNode exposed in the ArcPro SDK.

For Jefferson County, this need is mission critical.   


Thank you for sharing your use case, Stephen. I'm glad to see the planning towards moving solutions into ArcGIS Pro.

Just a quick clarification that, while 10.6.1 is the current version of Desktop, it won't be the final version.  10.7 will be released probably in March of 2019.


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With ArcGIS Pro 2.7, the SDK included a new Topology API.  This API included a number of classes which address the requested interfaces:

 There are also plans to expand on this new Topology API in future releases.