Add ArcGIS Pro Category in Ideas Selection

10-10-2018 10:25 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Can you please add ArcGIS Pro category in the ideas page?

Also a category to add modifications to Ideas forum.

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This was requested in January 2017 as GeoNet Ideas Category - Pro‌ and at the time we marked it as Not In Current Product Plan with a note

"Adding" an ArcGIS Pro category in Ideas at this point would probably mean changing the ArcGIS Desktop category to ArcGIS Pro.  January 2017 was probably too early for that.  What about now?  I don't know, let's leave this idea open and see what the community thinks.

Thank you.


There is still ambiguity between Desktop and Pro ideas. I really just want to see Pro ideas since Desktop is sunsetting.  Please make a hard distinction between Desktop and Pro ideas.