Add Ability to Rotate Vertical Axis Labels in Reference Grids

03-29-2012 12:03 AM
Status: Open
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Currently when I create a Reference Grid (Graticule & Measured Grid), and set the top and bottom axis labels to vertical, the labels end up facing in different directions.



Apparently this is hard-coded and the only way around it is to convert the grid to graphics, ungroup and edit the result. This is not a viable solution when producing many maps, using Data Driven Pages for example.

There should be an option to define the rotation of the labels.

I'd also like to see better control of reference grids in general, and this idea could be combined with others as part of a wider re-vamp of reference grid controls.

Reference grids/graticules should be accessible to ArcPy.Mapping
Add more abilities to configure grid labels
Reference Grid (Graticule & Measured Grid) label format options to be enhanced
Make map grids and graticules scale dependent
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Would be nice to rotate all labels and icons, at least have that ability.  I have a rotation field in my GIS database, just need the option to rotate the icon base on that with my mobile device.