Accept/Reject edits during Reconcile/Post edit session

10-30-2015 01:30 PM
Status: Open
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by Anonymous User
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When a user enters an Edit Session and proceeds to reconcile versions, ArcMap will identify conflicts between versions (say an EDIT version and the DEFAULT version) and give the user the option of reviewing these conflicts. The user can accept or reject the conflicts ("edits") in favor of either versions or in favor of the existing database ancestor. After this, the user proceeds to post the edits of the EDIT version to the DEFAULT.

However, a conflict is only flagged if there was an edit made to the same object in both versions. If an edit was made only to the object in the EDIT version and no edit was made to that same object in the DEFAULT version (which is your standard editing workflow - typically you only edit on an EDIT version), then there is no "conflict" and you're not presented with the Conflicts window after reconciling.

It would be incredibly handy to have this functionality for "Version Changes" or edits made to an EDIT version when posting those edits up to the DEFAULT version. The user is able to view those edits/changes using Version Changes, but in the Version Changes window the user does not have the ability to accept/reject them. Their only option is to make a manual note of which objects were edited, and if they are unhappy with those edits they must close out of the edit session, go back to the EDIT version, revert that edit which they don't want to keep/post, and then re-enter an edit session and redo the reconcile.

I think this would be a vital tool in the Q&A process. The functionality already technically exists with Conflicts, and I think a lot of folks would find it helpful to apply that same accept/reject review to simple edits made in a version before hitting Post.