3D Dissolve

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We need a 3D Dissolve tool that correctly handles 3D feature geometry. In my case, I need it for polygon features with z-coordinates (i.e. PolygonZ which have hasZ=True).

The current Dissolve tool will handle PolygonZ features, but all Z-coordinates will come out as zero values (which could be tagged as a bug, but it is currently handled as a feature).

This is what should happen:

2021-11-25 13_50_07-.png

We have four PolygonZ features. Polygons 1+2 are coplanair and adjacent, so are 3+4.

The coplanair adjacent polygons are dissolved into single features, which leaves use with two output PolygonZ features:

2021-11-25 13_50_23-.png

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