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04-10-2017 07:24 AM
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The content of this blog is now out of date.  Since its writing, the ArcGIS Pro help has been updated and should be used as the official resource.  Start here: Named User licensing in ArcGIS Online—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

I’m the Customer Advocacy Lead for Desktop products and part of what I do is keep an eye on trends in the cases that are logged with technical support.  Since the first release of ArcGIS Pro a couple of years ago, we have noticed that a big chunk of Pro-related questions boil down to getting Named User licensing set up.  This makes sense, as this licensing model is fundamentally different than how single-use or concurrent-use licenses function.

As there has been greater adoption of ArcGIS Pro, we’ve seen that the rate of licensing and setup related calls has slowly decreased.  But we want to do better at reaching out to help customers who haven’t yet set up their Pro licensing be successful the first time.  Setting up your ArcGIS Pro license is as easy as following three simple steps.

Step 1: Activate Your ArcGIS Online Organization

The first step in making sure that you and others in your organization can work with ArcGIS Pro is to activate your ArcGIS Online organization account.  If you’ve already activated your account, go to Step 2. 

If you haven’t activated or just aren’t sure, you can go to arcgis.com and sign in with what you think might be your username. 

If you sign in to arcgis.com and the URL includes your organization name (it will look like www.<orgname>.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html) then you’ve confirmed your username is linked with an organization account.  Go to Step 2.


If you sign in to arcgis.com and the page shows you as signed in but the URL still says www.arcgis.com/home/index.html, you’re using a public account and you won’t be able to use this to license Pro. You need to log in using the Named User account associated with your ArcGIS Pro license.

ArcGIS Public Account

If you’ve found that you have not activated your ArcGIS Online organization, and you can’t find the activation email that was sent to you, go to the Need your ArcGIS Online activation code? section towards the bottom of this landing page.  It looks like this:

Need your ArcGIS Online activation code?

Once the organization is activated and set up, go to step 2.


Step 2: Add Members to Your Organization

If you’re the one who activated the organization account, you will automatically be an Administrator and will be able to invite and add members and assign ArcGIS Pro licenses.

When signed in, go to the My Organization tab and verify your Role.  Here we see that I am an Administrator.

Administrator Role

If you only want to license yourself to use ArcGIS Pro, go to step 3.

If you have other users who will be using ArcGIS Pro, they will first need a username that is part of your organization.  From the My Organization tab, invite users to your organization by clicking Invite Members.  Invite Members


The Add or Invite Members wizard gives you three options. 

Add or Invite Members wizard

The quickest way to go is to choose ‘Add members without sending invitations’.  With this option, you set up the username and password for each member. You must inform the member of their username and password. More details about the other ways of adding members to the organization can be found in the Invite and Add Members documentation.  ArcGIS Pro requires that members have a Level 2 license.

Step 3: Assign ArcGIS Pro Licenses

Once you, and optionally others, have a username that is part of the ArcGIS Online organization associated with your ArcGIS Pro licenses, you can then assign the licenses to users.

From the My Organization tab, click Manage Licenses. Manage Licenses

Only organization Administrators can manage licenses.  For others, the Manage Licenses button is not visible.

Manage Licenses Screen

ArcGIS Pro licenses can be managed from this page.  You can assign licenses individually by clicking “Configure licenses” next to the user’s name or collectively by clicking on the member names to add them to the Selected Members list and then clicking the Configure button. Then you can assign ArcGIS Pro at the Basic, Standard, or Advanced license level and assign ArcGIS Pro Extensions.

After you’ve assigned ArcGIS Pro licenses for you and other users in your organization, those users will be able to sign in to ArcGIS Pro on any machine that has an internet connection and Pro installed.

It’s worth noting that this licensing model extends beyond ArcGIS Pro, and licenses for other Esri premium apps such as Navigator for ArcGIS, AppStudio for ArcGIS Standard, Drone2Map for ArcGIS, Esri Business Analyst web app, Esri Community Analyst, GeoPlanner for ArcGIS, and other apps sold through ArcGIS Marketplace that use a per-member license type can be managed through this page.

Beyond the Named User model discussed here, it is also possible to license ArcGIS Pro using a Named User with Portal for ArcGIS or using single-use or concurrent-use licenses. 

As always, Esri Technical Support is awesome, and they’ll happily help you set up your ArcGIS Pro licensing.

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We've also now produced a video that demonstrates how to set up Named User licenses for ArcGIS Pro:

How to Set Up Named User Licenses for ArcGIS Pro - YouTube 

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Hi Cory did all of that and it produced 

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Hi Andrew, by "did all of that" do you mean that you successfully went through the 3 steps above, got signed in to ArcGIS.com, assigned yourself a Pro license and are now seeing the screenshot that you posted?

It looks like you're signed in with some sort of user because I see Andrew in the upper right corner.

If you go to ArcGIS.com, click Sign In

You should see this:

Can you get there?

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Hi I was signed in as user but had problems converting the account to an organization. But no worries I tried another way and its working now Thanks Antway

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Hi Kory,

I bought ArcGis for Personal Use. I activated my ArcGIS Online Organization.If I try to login with the Account, I am signed in as Public User. With the account I see at the MyEsri-Site the Organization-Tab and User. The Account is activated as Admin. I can't sign in on "www.<orgname>.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html".

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Do you still have the activation email?  Were you sent a customer number when you purchased the personal use license?  If you click on the activation link again, does it take you through activation steps?  Because if you aren't able to sign in successfully to www.<whatever org name you chose>.maps.arcgis.com it means the account either isn't activated or didn't activate successfully.  If you send me your customer number I can look, but it may be quickest to just work with technical support to help you get up and running!

Esri Support Contact Support 

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I didn't get a activation email and I find a customer number.

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Hey, just wanting to mention that this post is now outdated, perhaps it could be marked as such? Cheers

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