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world boundaries and places visibility range issues

03-21-2022 06:57 PM
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I have some issues with the World Boundaries and Places layer (Imagery with Labels basemap) - when I try to set the visibility range.

I am trying to hide the labels when zooming in, as it just gets too crowded. I do this in the visibility settings (world boundaries and places --> set visibility range).

Problem is that this works for a little bit, but when saving the map and then opening later these settings have been reset. For some maps I have set the visibility range multiple times (and then I save the map of course), but every time it refers back to default settings when I open the map a few days later. Also, sometimes these settings work in the map but not in the app. So labels will be hidden in the map, but when I open a storymap with that map the labels are still there. And eventually the visibility settings in the map get reset again. 


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