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WebApp edits slow to load

01-19-2018 09:33 AM
New Contributor III

Hi all,

I am currently hosting an editable Feature Service in AGOL.

I created a WebMap in Portal that uses this Feature Service, functionality at this point is rock-solid. I can make edits and add new points to the Feature Service very quickly, visual display is updated quickly as well as database.

Finally, in order to gain additional functionality via Widgets, I created a WebApp that uses the WebMap. Creating edits in this WebApp DOES update the Feature Service (database-wise) but the Map itself does not update visually unless a user zooms in/our or opens the WebApp in a different browser. This has the potential to confuse and frustrate end-users.

The Feature Service has very few features (less than 100) and again...the WebMap is VERY responsive to edits, visually and in the database itself. Any thoughts?


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Esri Frequent Contributor

It sounds like your your service has few enough features that it is being displayed in snap-shot mode: 

FeatureLayer | API Reference | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.23 

Consider setting a refresh interval on the layer if you want it to update more frequently.

Are you anticipating ever having a larger dataset?

How do the users of the app view changes? By re-opening the map or is the app like a dashboard that the user monitors for changes?



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Hi Kelly,

Ideally the map would function like a dashboard, the dataset will hopefully some day have thousands of entries, I anticipate MAYBE 1000 points per year. The important thing is those that start a Work Order see their point displayed on the map nearly immediately, and consistently. Currently I am using WAB Smart Editor to create new features, but quite frequently it takes a long time for the point to show up or does not appear at all until I change zoom levels or pan around the map. Could this be because I am symbolizing based on a "Domained field" (the Work Order Status field).

I have refresh interval set at 30 seconds and it will refresh the display but new points still wont show until I zoom in/out or view in private tab. Behavior seems fractionally better in IE when compared to Chrome.

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