Web map filtering by current date?

07-01-2013 04:44 AM
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I have published a feature service and a web map to ArcGIS Online that shows some point features. Every feature has a date attribute that I would like to use for filtering. The filter is easy to set for a certain date but is it possible to set the filters value for current date? So that the filters value would be dynamic.

If this is not currently possible, it is a feature that should be implemented.

Any way that I can get around this problem? The point is that I have a lot of data in one feature service but I would like to see only those that are dated for current date.
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Note: this is only available for Hosted Feature Layers (Apply filters—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation )

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You can use this filter and put "not in the last" 1,000 days, and it is almost the same as "on or after" today.

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I found this link but I need it in the Portal.

Dynamic Date Filter 

You must sign in https://www.geo-jobe.com/admin-tools/  and it's 1000$ / year.

it is too expensive for us.

If anyone has another solution to modify the Data in Json in Portal ...

Or an other solution.

I've never done it myself.

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This is exactly that I was looking for, thank you Naomi!

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