Updating web map applications

08-21-2013 11:01 PM
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I created a TourMap application and published it into arcGIS online (I have administrator privileges and we have a paid organization account) that it needs to be updated constantly. I added new features to the web map the application is based on but the updates were not reflected in the application. I know I can make the updates directly in the application but I need other members of the organizations to do it (my role was just to create the web map application) and I cannot give them administrator privileges.
Is there any solution for them to update the map application?

Many thanks

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Are you asking about updating the application, or the webmap?
If you are talking about the webmap, are you sending the webmap id as a query parameter or is it hardcoded in your app?  If it's hard coded then you need to make sure you are editing the correct webmap with the id specified in your code, and you need to ensure that the people you want to update the webmap has the appropriate perms to do so.

if you are using query parameters then just make people have rights to edit the layers within the webmap

If you want them to update the web application, what about the web app do you want them to update?
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