The ???sign in??? to ArcGIS Online is greyed out in the ArcGIS Desktop,

06-02-2014 10:21 AM
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The ???sign in??? to ArcGIS Online is greyed out in the ArcGIS Desktop,

I couldn???t figure out why the ???sign in??? to ArcGIS Online icon in the ArcGIS Desktop is greyed out.


What might be the issue here?

Thank you


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This icon should be in your windows taskbar (next to the clock at the bottom right) if ArcMap is open. Just Right-Click on it to get the menu from my screenshot.

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Hi, I am shown as signed in the File Pull down menu but the ArcOnline below it is grayed out.  This is also true in the Add Data button extended choices.  I am running ArcGis 10.1 on a Windows 7 platform.  I suspec t our network firewall may be blocking the attempt.  I do not have the test connection in the lower right taskbar tray. 

Thanks for the help, I suspect I will have to visit our resident IT team and let them sort it out.


Jeff Chartrand

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This is strange

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Please check this other thread and the links suggested there:

ArcGIS Desktop won't connect to ArcGIS Online

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For me, the issue of sign in to ArcGIS Online only happened in Qa and Prod Servers.

The dev server was fine.

Turns out ArcGIS Administrator>Advanced>Manage Portal Connections was only pointing to

So, I added AND connected and it worked.

Add the ArcGIS Online organizational domain in ArcGIS Administrator


Maybe the server internet options/proxy whitelist only allowed https arcgis urls in the higher environments (qa/prod) to be more secure.

I also added the appropriate Esri urls to the trusted sites.

These other resources also helped:




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