The ???sign in??? to ArcGIS Online is greyed out in the ArcGIS Desktop,

06-02-2014 10:21 AM
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The ???sign in??? to ArcGIS Online is greyed out in the ArcGIS Desktop,

I couldn???t figure out why the ???sign in??? to ArcGIS Online icon in the ArcGIS Desktop is greyed out.


What might be the issue here?

Thank you


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I just had the same issue. Have you fixed it yet? if so what was the trick?

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So I finally restarted my computer and all is well.

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This problem happens very often. I think that the “restart” (as you did) can take care of this issue.

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Maybe you can check the connection with the item in the taskbar:

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This worked for my user! The user had to double click it and it was able to create a connection. After that, the user restarted ArcMap and the Sign In button was available!

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This also worked for my user, however the connection to the Portal had to be re-established in ArcGIS Administrator after the Test Connection was performed.

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This has not helped. Is there a solution to this? I want to sign in to a different online account to republish those maps in our new portal. Need help on the correct method to this madness.

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You have close out of ArcMap then to go to the program "ArcGIS Administrator" on your ArcMap machine and go to Advanced > Manage Portal Connections > Add > Connect > Save

Then open ArcMap again and you should have the option to sign into your Portal now under File > Sign In

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Okay where is the test connection Now set up?  ArcGis?  ArcGis Online?  or is this a browser function?