"Create List" not appearing for only one field feature layer

03-18-2021 10:21 AM
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I am creating lists on my feature layer to make data collection easy but there is one field where “Create List” is not showing as an option when all the other fields in the same feature layer have the “Create List" option. Any ideas why?

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update - I changed the visualization of the feature layer to single symbol and saved the layer.  Then went to view the fields and the option to "Create List" appeared.  The visualization was originally set for a domain that no longer existed.  Perhaps that was causing an issue????


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Changing symbology also worked for me.

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This also was the solution for me! Save layer as single symbol.

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try this

create a new field with a different name than the field you were trying to create a list for. You should be able to create a list in the field on AGOL.


ex. my original field name was "Feature",

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Hi there, 

I am also coming across this issue on random fields. It does seem to quite often be the first field. Anyone had any luck getting "create list" to come back up without having the recreate the field? Has anyone raised this as a support call?

@esri this seems to be a common issue. Is it a bug?

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Hi Holly,

Sorry for the trouble. This has been identified as a defect with Esri (BUG-000137678). 



Esri Australia
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