Printing Issue from ArcGIS Online  Map Application

04-24-2012 08:29 AM
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Hello everyone,

I created a map application using ArcGIS Online template ( Basic Viewer) which has printing functionality. But print is not working. I thought of browser issue and tried to print in different browser, still no luck. Here is URL for map application;

One more question, is there way to make "Details" tab as a default instead " Legend" in Basic Viewer template?

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Has there been a resolution to the printing problems in the Basic Viewer web application on ArcGIS Online? 

For me the issue is with a feature service that has a cross hatched symbology.  When I turn that layer off in the layer list - the map prints fine.  If it is turned on, the button says "Printing..." but no printout link shows up, nothing happens.



Jeff Ward
Summit County, Utah
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I too am having problems with the print function.  It simply returns "An error occurred while creating the printed map."  What is the root cause?  Please fix this functionality or lack thereof asap!

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I am also running into this issue and would like a solution or understanding of the problem. When I click the Print button, I'm taken to a new window which eventually tells me "An error occurred while creating the printed map." Both I (an administrator) and one of my organization's users at another location are running into this with our web maps. Thank you.

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I have managed to get Printing to work by adding Print Templates to the Printing Utility Services settings of the organization. Not sure why a default print option was not available for users..

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FYI, there is an official Bug number for ArcGIS Online printing errors concerning printing when a pop-up window is being displayed.


Seems that everyone is having printing issues of some sort with ArcGIS Online.

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Has this issue be address? probably not since i am also having this issue.

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Nothing gets fixed in AGOL printing, to my knowledge.  I sort of get the impression that once they get the vector tile maps thing working, that opens the door to many improvements.  E.g. those vector tiles can be rendered at any resolution--maybe a higher one for printing--instead of 96 DPI web page.  Let's HOPE SO!!!  AGOL desperately need better printing--we need to quickly be able to get maps and legends that don't take hand-editing to be usable!

Good luck to us all!!!

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I'm having the same printing problem with ArcGIS online. I get an error message saying "An error occurred while creating the printed map."

Based on other comments, it looks like this problem goes back to 2012.

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I am having problems with printing on GIS Viewer App.  The program spins and spins and in most times it shows error and the PDF does not generate. Some other times it finally appears to have prepared a print job, but on clicking on the PDF to print, it states ERROR. Please see the image below. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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