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04-28-2020 11:44 AM
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This morning I tried out the Attachment Viewer web app and noticed that photos within the same feature layer and displayed in other web apps (Basic Viewer and Time Aware web app) which show the correct orientation are shown upside down in the attachment viewer app. Why would this be? I can look at the photo attachment in the AGOL web map and it looks great (right direction), but when I click on the same feature in the Attachment Viewer the photo is upside down. 

Is there a way to rotate the individual images how they are viewed in the Attachment Viewer? Because the photos view correctly in the other apps I don't want to rotate the .jpg attachment itself? 

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I have the same issue! Did anyone get this resolved? Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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I'm experiencing the same problem when survey responses from Survey123 come in they are all oriented correctly and also are oriented correctly in the  Survy123 Website and Pop-ups, this issue only occurs in the Attachment Viewer App. Do you have an idea when this will be addressed? I'm ready to GO-LIVE with a field survey. 

It appears that this is only occurring in the Chrome browser. The Photo is oriented correctly in Microsoft Edge.Screen capture of Attachment Viewer using Chrome BrowserScreen capture of Attachment Viewer using Edge Browser

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing back from Esri.

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Colleen Madigan Schelde


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There are currently couple of bugs logged for this behaviour and under investigation:

BUG-000129152: Photos taken using a mobile device in portrait mode are not rotating correctly when viewing the attachment in Attachment Viewer and Operation Dashboard.

BUG-000130521: Attachment Viewer intermittently does not honor the orientation of the geotagged images (JPG).

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I am having the same issue. I am setting up a mobile device attachment viewer app (using the pre set mobile device button in the app builder). Photos appear with correct orientation in attachment viewer on my laptop while configuring the app. However, upon publishing and viewing on mobile device in Chrome browser, the photos are rotated. On the mobile device, if you long press the image and select "open image in new tab" then the image displays in a new Chrome tab and orientation is correct. 

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We are experiencing the same issues in google chrome but not in microsoft edge.  Did ESRI forget to test this on the most popular web browser?

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Similar issues with mobile taken image attachments being rotated incorrectly in map viewer and dashboard attachment pop-ups and details cards

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