Origin to Destination tool connecting many to many failing

11-21-2019 11:32 AM
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I am trying to connect many points to many. The error I keep getting says "Either Citylink field in UIC_Origin_Points_Foreign layer or CityLink field in FY2019_Location_Destination layer should have unique values. Connect Origins To Destinations failed. "

I have made a Integer Field for both layers and populated it with the number 1, to match. Is that not unique?

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Hi Mitch Edmonds‌, 

Is there a single feature in each Hosted Feature Layer, or is 1 entered for multiple features in each layer?

My understanding of this tool-tip, "The tool also supports connecting each origin to more than one destination or each destination to more than one origin. In such cases, you still need to have two fields that describe the origin-destination pairs. However, only one of the layers (either the origin or the destination layer) needs to have unique ID values" , is that one of the Integer fields can't have duplicates. 

So if you have three origins and three destinations, your integer field for the origins could be all "1" but would need to be "1", "2", and "3", or other integers that are not repeated, in the field. 

Hope this helps,


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