Operations Dashboard not respecting webmap layer filters

07-11-2014 01:23 PM
Esri Contributor

Are there only certain types of features that Ops Dash will honor the web map layer filters? 

I have applied filters to multiple layers, but all of the features still appear in the Ops Dash.

Webmap and Collector views of same webmap.

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Hi Brian,

Have you tried to close and re-open your Operation View after you applied filter on the layer?

I have tested and it worked for me. Also, don't forget to save your feature layers in the web map.


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I have tried re opening the Operating View, to no avail.

I have found though, that when I close and re-open the web map, it does not save the Filter either. 

There is also no option to save the layer in the web map.  Does it matter that the layers are MapServer layers that I am not the owner of?

Layer: Current_AHPS (ID: 0)

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I am currently dealing with the exact same issue. Extents, pop-up configuration, filters, etc. that are set in the webmap are not adhered to in my Dashboard. Were you ever able to find a solution?