Offset point symbology in ArcGIS Online

11-16-2021 02:47 PM
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Is there a way for ArcGIS Online to honor custom point marker placement settings that are in place when publishing through ArcGIS Pro?

For example, I want the symbol on the web map to show up at a specific offset from the location as opposed to on the location itself. I'm also looking to do this through a regular web feature layer as opposed to, say, a vector tile.

I suspect this isn't currently possible, but just thought I'd ask to be 100% certain.





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In ArcGIS Online, labels are based off of centerpoints of polygons for sure. However an offset would be nice if it exists. I know this has come up several times and am curious if there is a way to do this. Arcade maybe?

Lines and points I am not sure about, but the polygons are definitely centerpoints for labelling.

Hope this helps a little, I'm interested to find an answer so I can put it to use. Thanks!


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Also interested to find an answer so can put it to use. 


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Thank you for posting this! I created some custom symbology using Arcade in portal using an image for the symbols and was also wondering if there was a way to offset these symbols, as they are overlapping and getting muddled on the map. Would love to know if anyone knows how to perform symbology offsets in AGOL/ Portal or if this is even possible.