Offset point symbology in ArcGIS Online

11-16-2021 02:47 PM
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Is there a way for ArcGIS Online to honor custom point marker placement settings that are in place when publishing through ArcGIS Pro?

For example, I want the symbol on the web map to show up at a specific offset from the location as opposed to on the location itself. I'm also looking to do this through a regular web feature layer as opposed to, say, a vector tile.

I suspect this isn't currently possible, but just thought I'd ask to be 100% certain.





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In ArcGIS Online, labels are based off of centerpoints of polygons for sure. However an offset would be nice if it exists. I know this has come up several times and am curious if there is a way to do this. Arcade maybe?

Lines and points I am not sure about, but the polygons are definitely centerpoints for labelling.

Hope this helps a little, I'm interested to find an answer so I can put it to use. Thanks!


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Also interested to find an answer so can put it to use. 


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Thank you for posting this! I created some custom symbology using Arcade in portal using an image for the symbols and was also wondering if there was a way to offset these symbols, as they are overlapping and getting muddled on the map. Would love to know if anyone knows how to perform symbology offsets in AGOL/ Portal or if this is even possible.


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I see this post is a bit old, but there is a way to do it using ArcGIS Pro.

First, upload your layer as a feature database to AGOL, and open it in saved in a map. You can then load that map back into ArcGIS pro from AGOL and update the symbology accordingly (Offsets, position, etc.)

You can then select "Save Web Map" in the share section and save your map accordingly.



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