KML file from the web being parsed incorrectly by ArcGIS Online

09-15-2017 07:54 AM
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I download a KML file from the Web. I import it to GoogleMaps and both the map and the legend are displayed correctly. I add the same KML to ArcGIS online and the map looks OK but the legend entries are incorrect; they look like this "hovLane" or "icon-1899-DB4436-nodesc-normal" when the entries are supposed to show the correct highway names.

The displayed legend entries are the values of "styleUrl" in the KML (XML) file. 

Looks like ArcGIS online is not working properly when reading the KML file.

Can this be resolved#?

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   The best thing to do in this situation is to contact esri tech support about this issue.

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Try contacting tech support or sharing your KML layer.

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