How to reinstate a deleted ArcGIS Online named user?

02-07-2020 02:24 PM
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A temporary staff member of ours left about 6 months ago.  Now she is coming back for another temporary term. How can I reuse her old named user?  I deleted her user name when her last term ended.  But when I try to create a named user using the same user name a message says that named user is already in use.  As a test, I tried to add the named user to group.  I was able to find the named user.  How can I reuse the old named user?  I would rather not compromise our named user naming convention by just creating another named user for her.  Thanks, Mike Koutnik

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We need the capability to delete and create the exact same username as well. We use a batch process to create hundreds of users for damage assessment after a hurricane. But the ArcGIS Online platform is somehow limited and it can not reinstate a username. It adds a number after the name when we create them with surge licensing. After a hurricane, it is an issue to have to clarify to an army of field staff what the number after their name is. And it is all different because some of them it is a 1, some is a 2, etc. (if they were or were not created; and over how many iterations)

delete then create same user name: not possible?  

I have created an Idea, vote for it if you can and Thank you!

Ability to re-create the same AGOL user name without adding numbers