How to add JSON opertaional layers info on Arcgis map

02-19-2018 08:51 AM
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I am trying to load operational layers data from the following JSON with no luck.

So far I tried the following:

  • add it as a graphic layer by using graphicLayer = new esri.layers.GraphicsLayer(); graphicLayer.add(json); map.add(graphicLayer);
  • tried to normalize it and add as a graphic using normalizeUtils.normalizeCentralMeridian

Is there something I am missing, for reference I am trying to follow this example

Its my first time with Arcgis, I have a sample JSON of a previously drawn line on the map that I am trying to load with no luck. Here is a JSFiddle of what I am trying.

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   It is likely the json format. Can you share your json data or your Fiddle (it did not make it the first time)?

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