How do I merge feature classes with attachments that were created in ArcGIS Online?

09-15-2014 07:40 AM
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Hi there!

I am having some trouble with merging feature classes that include attachments.

I have 2 feature classes, both were created using Collector and ArcGIS Online.

I cannot figure out how to reestablish the relationship tables so that I can see the attachments in ArcMap.

I have tried following these instructions:

"Add new text field to All Participating Feature Classes & Their Attachment Tables

Add and Calculate New Field to Equal GlobalID for Feature Classes, and REL_GlobalID for Tables

Merge Feature Classes. Merge Tables.

Add New Long Integer Field to Merged Table (Like REL_OID).

Join Merged Table to Merged Feature Class Based on Text Equivalent to GlobalID.

While Joined, Populate New Field with OID from Merged Feature Class.

Feature Class to Feature Class - Remove GlobalID in Field Map.

Enable Attachments on Merged Feature Class (Creates New Table & Relationship).

Right Click Newly Created Attachment Table and Load Data from the Merged Table.

In the Field Map, Specify the New Field Based on the Field Containing the OID Obtained from Merged Feature Class, Leave the Remainder Default.

Check Results in ArcMap."

But I get lost somewhere around the "Join Merged Table to Merged Feature Class Based on Text Equivalent to GlobalID" step...

I have googled and searched and searched and just cannot seem to figure this issue out.  The whole reason for using Collector and taking photos was so that we would then be able to see the images that were taken in ArcMap.  I have to remove my feature classes from AGOL because the images are using a crazy amount of credits and then the plan is to republish from our own server but I kinda need the images to show up...

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated!!!


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