How can I change the order of popups on an ArcGIS Online Map

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10-03-2014 01:15 PM
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I have 3 layers (2 point and 1 line) that coincide, let's call them A, B, and C.  I have tried several things to get the popup order to be A (1 of 3), B,(2 of 3), C (3 of 3): ordering the layers in Content with A on top, then B, then C; renaming them so that they are in alphabetical order; creating copies of the layers in a specific order.  No matter what I try, the popups appear in the order B, A, C.  They don't seem to order in the order they appear in Content or the Legend, alphabetically, or in order of creation/modification.  Is there any way to force one layer's popup to display 1st, or specify the order in which the popups display?

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Please fix it

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even if the popup is slower, don't think the users will mind that much to get the data they are after.

I mean, after all, they've already waited for what seems like forever for hosted feature layer to load......

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Agreed - Esri should allow the popup order to be defined. I'd be happier explaining to users that the popup is 'slow' or 'slower' (whatever the actual delay is) due to underlying data being searched in order to return the correct popup, than to irritate with an unwanted popup that cannot even be moved out the way - AND which has the arrow to the next feature move due to the differences between popup content.

It's like a mean game where the user is plagued with unwanted popups that are fiddly to use!

Simply ridiculous that an organisation such as Esri cannot see how poor the popups are.

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Funny I came across this thread because I was looking to change the order of the popups.  To my disappointment, I learned it cannot be done.  I agree that it would be extremely nice to be able to re-order the popups within a javaScript application.

ESRI...can you please consider this functionality?  We need more controls on what we can and can not do with popups.  Also, allow for easily changing the pixel tolerance on when a user clicks to identify a popup in the mobile environment.  Now you have to tap...tap..tap..until you get lucky enough to activate the popup when clicking on a point.

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I've had a bit of success getting the popups reordered in the PopupManager's _onSelectionChange function but it seems like the more logical place to make the update would be where the queries to the layers are made.  I assume ESRI's logic loops through all the map layers to make the queries asynchronously.  Any idea what script/function handles that logic (the query to return features for the popup)?

This issue is probably the biggest complaint we get from our end users.  Our internal GIS people love the way the popups return everything but I think it overwhelms our main user base.  It seems like the majority of web mapping api's only return a popup for the feature on top.  Perhaps ESRI can provide an option to only select from the feature that is drawn on top at the point where the user clicks?

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7 years now since this topic was raised and still no solution (unless you're a developer).... come on ESRI!

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I agree that this is a problem.  It is not faster to have to click through a bunch of results that you don't care about to get to the ones you do.

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