Get the info about the storm events from the NOAA weather service

12-12-2017 07:48 PM
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I am trying to get the information about the different meteorological events (such as hails, winds, hurricanes and tornadoes) from the NOAA web servers but faced up with the problem when the NOAA REST service I used always return an empty image tiles.

In my case I use the wwa_meteoceanhydro_shortduration_hazards_warnings_time service which is support the neccesary operation.

The service description available here:

Service documentation available here:

 I write next HTTP request that should download the image tiles in png format which I could overlay to the google map:


  • the format represent the format of image tile,
  • time parameter is used to requst storm events which was happened during this date time range,
  • bbox parameter represent the bounding box coordinates
  • layer paramenter provide the id of layers which should be displayed on the map.

But I can't retrive a normal image tile represent the tornadoes, winds and hurricanes locations (even after the time duration changing).

Firstly, I thought I am sending a wrong parameters to the server but than I found this example which is also uses the wwa_meteoceanhydro_shortduration_hazards_warnings_time service and send similar requests. But this example also showing nothing.

Does anybody know why do I get an empty tiles always or what I am doing wrong ?

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