Geoenrichment of census polygons by aggregating points

3 weeks ago
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Is there a way to GeoEnrich the census block polygon feature layer with columns containing counts of points from a private point layer in such a way that the columns are publicly accessible?

Let's say I have points in a private hosted featurelayer representing locations of crime incidents.  The precise locations are sensitive, considered Personal Identifiable Information (PII) by the agency that owns the data.  

I would like to aggregate the point information to the census block level and/or tract level, and publish that for public consumption by analysts.

For example, say I have 3 types of incidents: vandalism, assault, and burglary.  How can I present a census block polygon featurelayer with these columns: Vandalisms, Assaults, Burglaries, such that each feature contains a count of the respective number of points that fall within the census polygon?

I would then like to publish it so that an analyst could then add arcade field based on expressions like : $feature.vandalisms / $feature.FAMHH00, where FAMHH00 is field from the census bureau containing number of households.

Again, I do not want the analyst to have access to the actual point locations, which are PII. I do want the analyst to be able to use the aggregated crime fields.

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