Generating client side csv

08-29-2013 08:08 AM
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I am developing a completely AGOl solution, meaning I have no access to a web server or anything so I need all my work done on the client with no browser plugins.

My client wants to download content from esri pop ups.  So I have gotten as far as creating the content and generating the information I need in csv format.  This is all in memory.

Now I need to allow the user to download this content ideally as an excel file, but csv will do.

According to my google search, there is not a cross browser solution for this??????so I need a server???.which I don???t have.

My first questions is, is the above accurate or does someone have a solution for this.

My second questions is, how can I turn my in memory csv data into a file that I can save to AGOL, then download back to the client?

Hope this makes sense  to somebody, thanks
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