Filter table records and related feature class records

04-26-2022 10:31 AM
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I am sure someone has encountered this before, but I cannot find any guidance about it.

I have a point feature class with the locations of assets and a linked table for inspections. The table has no location information, only the feature class has locations.

Assets noted to be in poor condition during inspection, I want to see on a map.

It is easy to apply a filter to the inspection table for poor condition, but on the map all assets still show. How do I get the feature class records showing on the map to match the filtered table records?

For example, when I apply a filter to the table, there are 45 records meeting that condition. However, there are 2700 records showing on the map (all asset records). What I want to see on the map are just the 45 assets meeting the table's filter condition.

Ideas or links to posts or documentation addressing this are appreciated.

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I hope the following article helps:

Essentially, when you are in the web viewer for the feature class, selected the filter button. When the filter windows pops up, input a display expression.

ex. "Condition" + "Is" + "poor condition"

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Thanks, @3raan,

The article is how to apply a filter to a stand-alone feature class.

I need to apply a filter to a related table, and have the feature class results filtered also.

I cannot apply the filter to the feature class because it does not contain the asset condition fields. They are in the related table.

I can apply the filter to the table, but cannot view the results on a map because the table contains no location data.


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Yes this must be possible! If you figure it out please let me know. 

I think the solution is an Arcade expression which uses the Data function FeatureSetByRelationshipName to return a specific feature in the related table. Something like: 

var id = $feature.XXID;
var sql = "XXID = " + xxid ;  // insert your matching "join" like attribute here for feature and related feature
var inspectietabel = FeatureSetByName($map,"Inspectie")
var inspecties = Filter(inspectiontabel, sql);
for (var inspectie in inspecties)
var inspconditie = inspectie.condition;
return inspconditie

And to this Arcade you should add an IIF function to return specific colors or value because unfortunately in an styling expression you can't use FeatureSetByRelationshipName: 

Iif(inspconditie== "low", "#FFFFF", 

And then configure your styling in the map to that attribute created by the expression. If needed set the remaining features to invisable. 

If anyone has a better idea please let me know!

- Zoë

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Visualizing related data with Join Features in ArcGIS Online (

Or do this. Join your latest related table features to your Feature Layer and then filter condition. 

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Joining will cause you too lose your attachments, if you have any!!!

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Thanks, @ZoeBroek !

That worked. I joined the feature class with asset locations to the inspection table via the globalid and parentglobalid fields. This created a new feature class with all the fields, and I can create filters on this new feature class or filtered view layers from it, that display on a map only assets meeting a particular inspection condition.

Still not sure if the join will update as I add assets to the inventory-- ideally, it would update.

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You're welcome! The data does update with your new assets, because the join created a view of the hosted feature layers you joined. 

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