Export map from ArcGIS online to ArcGIS desktop

10-04-2015 08:28 PM
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​Being pretty new to the ArcGIS platform, I'm still fairly naïve to much of the software and how it all works.

I'm looking to export a map I created on ArcGIS Online to ArcGIS desktop. ArcGIS online allows one to create a map with a selected base style (base map), with set extents, which is what I'm looking.  Possible?

Or should I seek to create my map from a downloaded raster file?

Thank you in advanced, and I apologize for any unclear statements!

Just for reference, I'm trying to create a mapbook, a mapbook of trails, for a non profit I work for - also as part of a project to learn the ArcGIS platform!

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Hi Daniel,

If you have created a feature service in ArcGIS Online (Check My Contents), you could export it as a feature class.

For this, you can sign-in to ArcGIS Online from ArcMap (File > Sign-in). In ArcCatalog, expand My Hosted Services (<Organization Name>), and Drag-and-Drop the service from Catalog to Table of Contents (ArcMap). Right-click the layer > Data > Export Data (Define the path and name of output feature class).

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Am I incorrect to say that this method can only export vector information as feature class, no raster information.

I'm looking for the raster information from a ArcGIS online map with the extent and coordination system embedded. Is this possible to export on ArcGIS desktop

Please excuse any he any misuse of language- new to this and how gis language is used in context

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I may misunderstand what you are asking, but there could be an even easier way to get ArcGIS Online raster basemaps into ArcMap. The Add Data tool in ArcMap will allow you to import a wide variety of data from ArcGIS Online, including basemaps. It took me a while to learn about this when I first started, so I won't assume that you are already aware.