ERROR 001270: Consolidating the data failed.

07-30-2012 07:43 AM
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I got this error when I try to publish a tiled map service to ArcGIS Online through ArcMap. Does anyone know why?
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Yeah me too, this sucks be time for a subscription account, I'm dead in the water....
Worked fine last time and now this feature service is completely gone, I have basically a blank web map now online, management will be impressed.
Hopefully next week something miraculous will occur and I'll be able to publish my services from ArcMAP.
I tried everything, file size didn't matter, although I had to do nothing before, map analysis was clean before upload attempt....maybe its a Friday the 13th thing.
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Occasional Contributor II worked first thing this morning, was able to upload feature services directly from my MXD, it took a while but it cleared.
Don't know why it didn't Friday, I changed nothing except for the time and day, only thing I can assume on my end is maybe it had something to do with the network, my internet connection speed or AGOL web site was being flooded with requests around that time....whatever, I'm happy for now.
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Same situation here.  Left the map open overnight, came in the next day to publish and error.  Saved the map, closed it, immediately reopen and published without error.  Had to be a network hiccup or something.   

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I had the same error when I tried to publish feature service using python, below here is my script that I modified from
can someone give enlighten to me? if I comment out this part "Change service type from map service to feature service" it worked.

import arcpy
import xml.dom.minidom as DOM

#define local variables
# wrkspc        mxd document directory
# mxdName       mxd document name
# con           ArcGIS Server Catalog path
# service       service name (include service direcotry)
# summary       service summary
# tags          services tags

wrkspc = 'C:/test/'
mxdName = 'sample.mxd'
con = 'GIS Servers/arcgis on localhost_6080 (admin)'
service = 'MyMapService'
summary = 'Population Density by County'
tags = 'county, counties, population, density, census'

mapDoc = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument(wrkspc + mxdName)
sddraft = wrkspc + service + '.sddraft'
sd = wrkspc + service + '.sd'

# create service definition draft
analysis = arcpy.mapping.CreateMapSDDraft(mapDoc, sddraft, service, 'ARCGIS_SERVER',
                                          con, True, None, summary, tags)

# set service type to esriServiceDefinitionType_Replacement
newType = 'esriServiceDefinitionType_Replacement'
xml = sddraft
doc = DOM.parse(xml)
descriptions = doc.getElementsByTagName('Type')
for desc in descriptions:
    if desc.parentNode.tagName == 'SVCManifest':
        if desc.hasChildNodes():
   = newType

tagsState = doc.getElementsByTagName('State')
for tagState in tagsState:
    if tagState.parentNode.tagName == 'SVCManifest':
        if tagState.hasChildNodes():
   = "esriSDState_Published"

### Change service type from map service to feature service
typeNames = doc.getElementsByTagName('TypeName')
for typeName in typeNames:
    if == "MapServer":
        print "FeatureServer" = "FeatureServer"

outXml = xml   
f = open(outXml, 'w')    
doc.writexml( f )    

# stage and upload the service if the sddraft analysis did not contain errors
if analysis['errors'] == {}:
    # Execute StageService
    arcpy.StageService_server(sddraft, sd)
    # Execute UploadServiceDefinition
    arcpy.UploadServiceDefinition_server(sd, con)
    # if the sddraft analysis contained errors, display them
    print analysis['errors']
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Did you ever find out what caused it in your case? I am stuck on this for weeks now...

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I got the same error, but in my case I was using a FGDB with a schematic dataset. Although, I was not using the schematic data, it seemed to be the problem. So I used a copy of the feature class I was interested of in another FGDB and there was no problem.
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I got this error as well and scrolled through this thread looking for a resolution.  It seemed that I had renamed a feature classes attachments and relationship class and it was not happy with me.  After blowing it away and re-enabling attachments, I was able to publish with no errors.  Also, I was publishing as a hosted feature service on ArcGIS Portal, not ArcGIS Online.

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Thank you for posting, or I would have never figured out my issue.   

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I also received the error. After a bundle of troubleshooting I found in my case it was a feature class that participated in two relationship classes. One or both of them were tripping the error. When I used an exported copy of that data w/no relationships, it pushed through. The mxd was a Local Gov Basemap for 10.2 template for which I had plugged the data into based on the sample...
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I got this error again, after several months of not seeing it.  In this case, I was able to isolate the problem.  I had a manually set quantitative distribution for one of my layers (i.e., not quantile or Jenks).  This apparently also can trigger the "Consolidating the data failed" error. 

More useful error messages would be...useful.