Enabling Time Function in .mxd and importing to ArcOnline Freezes.

08-24-2016 05:45 AM
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Hey GeoNet Community,

Here is the problem, hopefully we can figure this out. I set enable the time function on the .mxd before publishing the service and set the correct time zone. I publish the service perfectly fine, but when I try and add the layer “from web”. The entire map freezes and ArcOnline shuts down. I am not sure what it going on, but when I turn the time function off the service can be imported fine.


Couple notes here: There are two features in the map (technically they are the same feature with different definition queries set to them). One of those features around 8000 points in it and the other about 1000. The map has one related table in it for use in Collector.  


Thank you for any help in advance

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