Embedding Excel table into a StoryMap

03-18-2021 06:31 PM
New Contributor

Hello, I am trying to embed excel online table into one of the tabs within StoryMap template. The link is public and I can open it directly, but when I try to embed it into a StoryMap it gives me an error message. I tried to use both MS sharepoint and Google docs to host my excel table, but none of them work. In both cases I am getting the error message: 'Sharepoint/Google refused to connect'. Am I missing something? Thanks!

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Esri Regular Contributor

I can't help but ask - why is this something that is needed for a story? There may be a better way (chart or table graphic) to present the excel data within your story. Keep in mind a story is all about creating excitement and interest in a particular topic. An Excel table in a story just doesn't excite many viewers... Just saying...

The above said, I did try to embed a spreadsheet and other documents in my Google Docs account in a StoryMap and also got similar results. It might be likely that these (like some websites) are prevented from being embeddable, but am not entirely sure. I will defer to other answers from The Community.

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