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Does overwriting a Feature layer, destroy the Form?

06-19-2023 05:32 AM
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Hi all,

I would really want to use Forms in the Map Viewer, however, I can't seem to find any information about what happens to the Form, if I overwrite the Web layer from within ArcGIS Pro? 

Sometimes we make changes to our layers in our database, and then overwrite the published web layers - i know that it destroys custom settings etc that I have made on the layer in the Web map, but does it also destroy the Form?

And in a related though, it seems that it is not possible to save a Form, so that it could be applied to another identical layer - is that correct?!

Thanks 🙂

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I also have this question!  I have a ton of form customizations and Arcade expressions to support the Editor tool in Map Viewer, but now I need a schema change. It would be so awesome if we could save our Form customizations and apply them to other layers.

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Have you messed around with AGO Assistant? I just figured out how to copy and paste the JSON form info between layers and it is incredibly helpful if you have the same form for multiple layers.

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I had posted a reply but then had to check a few things to make sure, but I think I can say that overwriting a feature layer does not destroy the form. I've spent all week worried about losing my progress but I just risked it and discovered that you have to make sure that your form is saved to a map, NOT the layer. I lost a bunch of work because I tried saving the forms to the layers and then overwriting so learn from my mistake. Otherwise, overwriting just requires reconciling any schema changes.