Creating feature info based on a relationship chosen via drop down

08-06-2021 12:31 AM
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Hi everyone,

I am trying create an ArcGIS scene that will be published on ArcGIS Online to share with other partners. This 3D scene includes several houses and relevant information from several scenarios. For example, house no. 100 has in total 26 (13 scenarios in 2 sections; energy or financial) scenarios showing different energy/financial losses/gains. Each of these scenarios have around 10 attributes that are important to the users. I am wondering if there is a way in ArcGIS Online to use feature info based on a drop down list. For example, if I click on house no. 100 then it will give me a drop down menu to select my desired scenario and based on my selection it will create the feature info pop up. 

If anyone is aware of such an example kindly let me know. 

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