Can you sort the order of related records in smart editor

06-22-2020 08:42 PM
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I have a web app that utilizes the smart editor and part of my workflow is editing related records of a feature service.  The records occur in order of when they were created but it would be helpful if these records were displayed in chronological order by a date field.  Is this possible? 


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Hi Jefcoat, Nathan‌,

This is not currently available in the Smart Editor widget but would be a great enhancement.

Thank you for sharing! Please stay tuned for what's new in Web AppBuilder and the Smart Editor widget: What's new—ArcGIS Web AppBuilder | Documentation 

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Hi @Jefcoat_Nathan ,

I thought I should loop back on this. This will not be implemented into the Smart Editor due to some limitations with the attribute inspector. This requirement will be considered for the next generation editing widget.