Best Practice for AGOL data types to allow File Geodatabase downloads in Open Data

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06-17-2019 01:40 PM
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I'm trying to figure out the best practice for adding data to AGOL so that when I share it in the Open Data group the data layer download options will include a file geodatabase.

In our organization, we have individual layers that were uploaded to AGOL directly so they are hosted and I have went thru the process of changing the settings for "Allow others to export to different formats" and reset the index in hub so these layers now provide the option for downloading as a file geodatabase.

However I've now tried adding an item from the web using the Rest End Point (published on our local server) to create a new feature layer in AGOL and what I've noticed is the settings option "allow others to export to different formats" isn't even an option. When I share to our Open Data group, this feature layer can be downloaded as a shapefile, spreadsheet, or kml which is great but we really need the file geodatabase option.

I also read on the ESRI help or similar that the file geodatabase option will only be available for hosted rest services, so I also created a service (with multiple layers) and published this service to our AGOL. When I added the individual rest endpoint for a new feature layer and shared with Open Data I still do not see the options for allow to export to different formats.

What data types in AGOL will allow for the file geodatabase options in Open Data/Hub? From my current understanding the only way to allow for this is to upload each individual layer as a hosted feature service but this doesn't seem correct.

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I'm in the same boat. With browsers now dropping support for FTP sites the time is near to add this functionality. I'm in the middle of trying to do this now and running into a lot of weird issues for ArcGIS Server locally hosted "registered" feature layers. I have a feature service enabled end-point but I'm now realizing that the call ESRI makes isn't an export call as mentioned above, but rather a sync-replica call... 

Could someone shine some light as to what capabilities / resources we must have enabled to get File Geodatabase export to work from the Open Data Site? Having the "export" capability doesn't seem to matter, since the API is calling the sync replica call. Shown here

Enabling "sync" capabilities means a totally different data preparation than just having export enabled. Sync operations require archiving to be enabled on the underlying dataset, as well as Global IDs. 


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