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ArcGIS Online Capabilities for early GIS department

05-18-2023 03:56 AM
New Contributor

Hey Everyone,

Just joined an organization where we are looking to spin up a GIS system from the ground floor. At the moment, we are currently paying for an ArcGIS standard license which comes with ArcGIS online.

I have some questions:

  1. One of the more important functionalities of our front-facing app is that we need the ability to get a summary of values when selecting a number of features on a map. I noticed the summary widget in ArcGIS Online will only summarize features within the map view, not features that are selected. Any way around this?

  2. Another important functionality is being able to copy features from one layer to a different layer. In that different layer, we will then edit the values within the attribute table. Is something like this possible out of the box with ArcGIS online?

  3. I am aware that I will not be able to host my own geoprocessing tools, but is there a place where I can view a list of publicly available geoprocessing tools? Basically looking for a workaround for 2, like an append tool based on selection.

Thanks all.

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