Arcade to determine browser url for use with weblink url

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I would like to know if its possible to use arcade to determine the browser url to determine which weblink is returned. someone is using when viewing the Experience Builder application. Currently on our agency web server we have files stored on a web server that require a different url address depending on whether you are accessing the application from behind or outside the firewall.

A coworker sent me the following code that is used in javascript. The idea is if the browser shows behind the firewall, a certain web link is used versus outside the firewall another web link is used.

Is this possible?

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if(window.location.href.indexOf(‘xxx.xxxx.xxxx’) > 0){

     window.location.href=’https://insidefirewall address/Documents/ ’ + strFile;


     window.location.href=’https://outsidefirewalllink./Documents/’ + strFile;





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