Arcade question: Cross-Layer Symbology based on matching values

02-26-2024 12:35 PM
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Hello ArcGIS Community,

I'm delving into the potential of Arcade for a project and am at a bit of a crossroads. The task at hand involves two point layers, each harboring a field named "MSHA_MINE_ID" filled with unique identifiers. My objective is to symbolize one layer (let's call it Layer A) based on two criteria:

  1. The existence of matching "MSHA_MINE_ID" values in both Layer A and another point layer (Layer B).
  2. The value of a specific attribute in Layer B, named "MSHA_CONTROLLER".

The end goal is for each point in Layer A to be symbolized uniquely, reflecting the "MSHA_CONTROLLER" attribute from Layer B, contingent on their "MSHA_MINE_ID" values aligning.

I'm curious if this is feasible using Arcade, and if so, how one might approach crafting such an expression.

Also, as a secondary question, my understanding is that Arcade is used for categorizing data points—like creating categories based on attributes, which then inform traditional styling methods. Essentially, it's not for directly setting visual styles (e.g., point outline color or width) but for establishing the logic behind data categorization that guides these styles. Is this accurate?

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