Arcade Popup with parent > child > child

01-19-2021 10:52 AM
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I have an arcade popup working between a parent and child. I need to incorporate popup text from the child to another child. This is a survey123 form that essentially has three levels.

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Are you using FeatureSet for this?  I would think you could grab the child, get the child globalid, then query the grandchild on parentglobalid.  I personally have my own relationships class where I pass my own keys down the line.

May help to post the code you have so far.

I do it like this.  Just add another level.  Hope that helps

var sql = "PointID = '" + $feature.PointID + "'";
var tbl = Filter(FeatureSetByName($map,"Points", ['*']), sql);
var val
for (var row in tbl) {
    val = row.CollectCoreSubset1
return val


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