Arcade expressions for symbolizing features based on feature counts?

03-04-2019 04:57 AM
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I am trying to utilize the arcade script to change a features transparency based on a certain feature count and I am struggling with the script. I have worked with arcade scripts before but I cannot seem to get the symbology to show the transparency changes based on feature counts.

If anyone could be of assistance I would greatly appreciate it.



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Hi Robert,

Is it possible to post the code that you are using to change the transparency?

Also, here is a great blog for reference about Arcade Expressions:



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What is the feature count based on? If it has to be extracted using the same layer or a different layer, then symbolize options are limited, unless you are willing to create a new field and use the Arcade expression to calculate the field. This is not an option if the data is dynamic since calculating the field will yield a static result.

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The feature count is based on a common attribute such as an unique id/name. What I was trying to do is to to see if I could make it so that if the count is greater than 1 but less than 3, it would have a transparency of a certain percentage. I was trying to see if it could be possible because it was a request from a manager in a different section of the department. He requested to be able to see the different counts for incidences in an area. But what I have discovered is that there was a widget that could do that and so I realized that shortly afterwards that I was putting a bit too much effort in one direction to get him what he needed when I could have simply checked what other options existed.