AppBuilder, etc. - how to download selected polygon to Shapefile?

01-03-2020 11:46 AM
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In AGOL Configurable App or AppBuilder, how do I export and download a selected polygon feature in Shapefile format?

  • AppBuilder's "Select" widget does not support Shapefile or even KML exporting. JSON/GeoJSON drop attributes and are still largely unsupported by our other tools (ArcGIS Desktop has projection issues on import).
  • AppBuilder's "Screening" widget requires a "Extract Data Task geoprocessing service" which appears to be only available through ArcGIS for Server.
  • Using "Map Viewer" to select and extract a polygon feature is too confusing and cumbersome for my users (requires saving the ZIPed Shapefile to AGOL before downloading).
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Hi Wolfgang,

It does look like you would need an ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Service or write a Web AppBuilder Custom Widgets to accomplish this. You may be interested in contacting Esri Support to attach your customer number to this enhancement: ENH-000114908: Adding export shapefile functionality to the Select widget. It's marked as In Product Plan so it does look like we'll see this functionality come into the product. 

With ArcGIS Enterprise, you could do the following: 

  1. Run the "Feature Class To Shapefile" tool in ArcGIS Desktop.
  2. Publish the result of the tool from the GP Window as a Geoprocessing Service with an open input parameter.
  3. Take the GP Service URL from your ArcGIS Server, and load it into the Geoprocessing Widget in the web app.
  4. Set the input for the GP Widget to be the Select widget. (thanks to Tyler Burns‌ for this workflow). 

Hope this helps,


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