AGOL credits and seats change arbitrarily

06-26-2015 10:58 AM
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                I have noticed some peculiar changes in our ArcGIS Online subscription that have affected:

  • number of seats
  • credits
  • renewal date

                It is very hard to manage an AGOL subscription when these three values change arbitrarily.  Here is a brief description of the arbitrary changes I have noticed:

  1. When we had our first renewal in 2014 our 5 seat subscription jumped to 15 seats.  Five of the additional seats were due to our five desktop licenses.  The additional five seats were an irregularity.  We unknowingly began using some of those additional seats and now those seats have been taken away and I am in the unusual position of having 13 of 11 seats in use.
  2. Our credits mysteriously increased by ~2500 between April 17 and April 24, 2015.  Our renewal date is June 22.  Our credits mysteriously decreased by ~2000 between June 12 and June 26
  3. Our renewal date as stated on our software maintenance invoice (Esri Canada invoice # 90071443) is June 22.  This was previously the date displayed in AGOL.  But recently AGOL began showing our renewal date as August 1, 2016

Has anybody else noticed peculiar changes in their AGOL subscription??

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