Adding raster data to ArcGIS Online?

11-14-2012 08:46 AM
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Hi all,
Trying to add 3 files I created from a dem file (aspect, slope and elevation). These files are for 1 piece of property. I'm really confussed as to how to upload these to my web map!
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Is there a reason that Esri does not support this? It seems a bit bizarre that it would be so difficult to utilize such a common form of spatial data with the cloud based platform... and, for people to need to come to forums like myself to find out that this simply isn't possible? This would be like Adobe allowing you to export pdf's from InDesign, except for the image files you want embedded, and you need to convert them to a third party format, and then it can work... That would be a UX nightmare.

Is it just purely storage/space on servers? i.e. - more cost efficient to serve raster images from AWS than have it built into Esri's UI?

I'm sure there's a reason I just don't know yet. Looking forward to potentially learning more!

What is the lowest cost, most time efficient way to make my raster data accessible through Esri's web apps? Am I just forced to integrate 3rd party solutions/convert to klm, etc? Or is there something I'm overlooking here?