Vizualize Content that's unpopular on AGO or Enterprise

02-26-2020 02:11 PM
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Within ArcGIS Online (or Enterprise), when you are looking at your Organization's content (Organization > Status > Content), it would be very helpful in addition of to the 'Trending Content' and 'Most Popular Content' to also have 'Least Viewed/Accessed Content'.

The reason I suggest this is that it would allow organizations rethink old or unused applications and either make them better or eliminate them from cluttering their ArcGIS Online content. Sometimes GIS can be creative and develop something they think people want, but in actuality it's not of interest or perhaps something else similar exists that people use instead.

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A great idea, when you go to ArcGIS online gallery there is an awful lot of rubbish and "test" datasets. Maybe  ESRI could employ some periodic search and notify the owner that the dataset namesd test123 has not be accessed for 3 years, may be it's time for it to go?